Through sparse dialogue and poetic silences, Quiro offers a contemplative take on the idea of home and migration. Roopesh Shaji’s exceptional camerawork beautifully captures the omnipresent feeling of longing that pervades the misty Himalayan landscapes where this short is set.

In the Marathi short film Kalsubai, a visual dialogue between past and present evokes the legend of goddess Kalsu.

Shot in a vertical aspect ratio, Yudhajit Basu's Kalsubai attempts a layering of consciousness that is, at base, hierarchical.

Khoji is an ominous piece that uses the violent history of its people as a background in order to explore (and explain, perhaps) the people’s struggle today.

A philosophical indigenous consciousness permeates Yudhajit Basu's haunting experimental film, nominated for Best Short by the International Documentary Association (IDA).

Kalsubai explores the history of Goddess Kalsu and her meaning for the women of Bari. The film relies on strong visual and acoustic images that neither explain nor falsify. The almost photographic compositions and their expressive simplicity make the film accessible to everyone and invite you to reflect on your own cultural influences and to question them - International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

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